Wednesday, 3 March 2010

A cowl.... or something like that

I'm going to have to take a better picture!
Okay, you can't see it very well,
So, when a particularly lovely
doula client of mine brought back
one skein of hand spun, hand dyed wool
from the states,
(yarn is so hard to come by here)
I knew I had to do
something special with it for myself.

But what?
Enter Inspiration via JC Handmade and her
Simple, I know, but oh so effective with one beautiful skein.

Somehow, with my (nonexistent) maths skills
and pathological avoidance of
s w a t c h e s
The cowl turned out a bit more snug than JC's origional.
But I don't mind.
It works really well pulled up into a kind of head scarf
on windy days, too!

On our recent trip to England, I hardly ever took it off.
Unless my daughter begged it off of me,
which happened more than once.
UPDATE: (Here's the new picture, I had planned on modeling it in the cowl method of wearing, but with a teeshirt on a really hot day it's a bit ridiculous. You can see the beautiful striping, though!)

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Another Queen Esther dress -
this one much more carefully constructed than last years!
The bodice is velvet from a skirt I found on the street.
The lace sleeves are from a shirt
handed down by a friend.
The lace was donated by another friend
who cut it off her skirt
and thought I could use it.
The skirt bits I DID buy as oddments from the scrap bin at my local fabric shop.... so the entire outfit cost me 20NIS.

...And the crown she made herself.