Thursday, 20 May 2010

Mohito Refashion Frock Tutorial and Giveaway

Mohito Refashion Frock Tutorial and Giveaway Wow, it's THE dress tutorial I've needed to solve my teeshirt/dress problems! Making this soon for sure.x

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Baby Feel-Me Toys

While on a postnatal visit not too long ago, I spotted some little beanbags made from some lovely 70's vintage fabric. When I picked them up, I realized they were filled with all kinds of different household items for, perfect for toddler fingers to explore!
I do make most of the gifts I give to clients,
not to mention friends.
So I immediately whipped some up of my own!

I used various scraps recycled from clothing of
interesting textures,
and oddbits from past baby quilts,
including satin, velvet and seersucker.
I used a square book of my daughter's as a template,
since I don't have expensive quilt cutting supplies!
I made ribbon tags, some I've collected and some
snipped from items of recycled clothing
(like, for example, the unsightly loops they put in nicer teeshirts and dresses! They're supposed to help them stay on the hanger but with me they just like to hang out my neckline and wave at the wide, wide world.)
Then I sewed 3 sides and 2/3 rds of the last side,
leaving a g a p to insert whatever
noisy, tactile items my little heart desired.

  • bells
  • chunky beads
  • bottle caps
  • lentils
  • broad beans (I don't cook with these anyways! They kinda just hang around in my cupboard and look healthy...)
  • seashells (great clinky sound!)
  • crinkly recycled plastic wrapping
Turn right side out, stuff, and hand sew. So quick, and terribly fun. I give these to new mothers along with some of those clippy plastic ring sets, with a list of ideas how to use them:
  • String a few together with the links
  • Attach one or two to the stroller, and the links mean they can't be tossed on the floor.
  • Rotate the objects on a hanging gym/play mat, otherwise baby gets bored!
  • Use the links to clip items to baby's overalls, which entertains them for a moment, trying to figure out why they can't get it off..... *wink*
  • Above all, bean bags are just one of those things babies will love to put in and out of things, like buckets and baskets! In and out, what a fascinating game when you're 10 months old.