Sunday, 8 November 2009

'Beautiful' Tops

My daughter has it in her head
that she must be pretty.
Hence a refusal to wear any plain top in protest
that it's
'not beautiful'.
I found some felt shapes for NIS 2.50 a pack
in the local shekel shop
(that's about 60 cents or 40p
at the dollar or pound shop equivalent)
and voila, pretty tops she's happy to wear.
Except for the red and orange flower.
That one didn't pass the test so she still needs to be
b r i b e d
to wear it.

(p.s. Thank you Natalie for the blue one! See, she loves it. The stripy one is a favourite too, I didn't need to do anything to it. And you know I'm famous for making my children wear their clothes until it's obvious they're waaaayyy too small. There's still years of wear in them!)

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