Sunday, 25 October 2009

Hello - it's me!
This is a dress I made after being inspired by My Mama Made It who was inspired before that by Anthropologie.
Since I've made it I've noticed that all the high-street shops in Israel are selling dresses where the knit top is attached to the skirt.
I keep finding myself furtively lifting the dress and checking the seams and lining...Not altogether sure what the shopkeepers think of me, lifting hems and never buying a thing....

It's not actually a skirt attached to top, it was just a gorgeous off cut that I found in a sales bin near the Shuk HaCarmel in Tel Aviv.
It wasn't enough to make pyjama bottoms (drat)
so I simply sewed the two sides together, and gathered the top.
Unfortunately gathered waisted skirts are not known to be flattering on
girls with hips,
hence the metamorphosis into a dress.

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