Monday, 5 October 2009

So here we go, then!

To be honest I'm already a blogger. I am a Doula, and to see what other wonderful, beautiful, hands-on, new-lives type of work that I'm passionate about doing, check out

But my other passion is making dull things beautiful, without costing the earth. I've done this for ages, lurking on my favorite blogs which I promise to link to as time goes by! (No need to do everything at once.) However, to be honest, it all started with my paternity - I was raised in a little isolated fishing village in Bristol Baby, Alaska. There's not much to do all winter long, and couple that with no shops and upright parents who actually like their kids: and you get people sitting around a wood stove teaching their kids how to knit, crochet, sew, embroider, draw, carve, re-purpose, while reading out loud to eachother all winter long.

I don't live in the village anymore, but I continue to do these things on my own. I brought some knitting to a bridal shower lately (which I rightly anticipated to be rather on the sedate side) and everyone thought it was a terribly strange thing to do and called me 'safta' (granny.) So I've finally found my community on line and being thus inspired have churned out quite a lot of crafty items this year. My husband insists I start a blog. He's so sweet and you can find his artwork here.

So, for my first post, I'll use my daughter's
Queen Esther dress.
I didn't use a pattern, just pieced together
bits from the oddments bin from different fabric stalls,
and fabric flowers from the local shekel shop.
(Same thing as a dollar shop, or a pound shop... you get the idea.)

The boy's King costume was also for the holiday of Purim
- from the Biblical book of Esther.
How did I get him to want to dress up
as King Ahasuearus rather than Spiderman?
Well, the king gets to carry around a scepter
and tell everyone what to do!
And if someone doesn't obey him, then that man dies....
Ooh. Drama. Attractive.
(Of course, the costume I made was complete with
sceptre, quilted belt, sword and big black boots.
A boy will wear what a boy will wear,
and by his expression I think he's okay with it.)

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