Thursday, 8 October 2009

Mens Shirt - Girl's Dress (yeah, me too.)

I know.... everybody and their cousin have been
making things out of mens' button down shirts.
This one didn't cost me a penny,
being a found item* in size 2XL
the pattern was inherited from my mother.

She used it to make the underdress for my sister in 1984 - I love the pinafore. It's still hot here, by the way.....

I intended to use the button placket from the shirt
all the way down the back of the dress,
but got excited and mistakenly cut it out as the front!
In the end I think it works.
I added cute little pleated pockets
and Ana loves those pockets!
I will have to make more pockets on more things.

* Ahem.... I know, you're cringing that this was found on the street. But being there's a chronic lack of charity shops and since there's no such thing as a Goodwill for people to pop down to, means that it's common practice put unwanted but still usable clothes (and other items) outside neatly folded on a bench, or displayed on the rock wall in front of their house. It's the Israeli way of reduce, reuse, recycle!

And, yes, the cited blogs in the first line are two of my favourites, and I will take this opportunity to introduce them to anyone who is looking for inspiration! You can find them among the list of blogs that I follow......x

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